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The Ohio Wrestling Network's 2012 High School Champion of Champions

106 pounds: Matthew Kolodzik - Freshman - The Miami Valley School [DIII]

- DI Bavery, DII Kelly, DIII Kolodzik
- No head-to-head results
- Bavery's signature win was over Assad (5-2) in the DI title bout
- Bavery's only in-state loss that I can find was to Bennett (6-4), who he defeated 1x (1-0)
- Kelly's signature win was over Burcher (7-2) in the DII title bout
- Kelly's only loss was by pin to May, who he defeated 3x (0:54, 15-0, 15-0)
- Kolodzik's signature win was over national #1 Darian Cruz (3-2) at the Ironman
- Kolodzik's only in-state loss was to Ganger, who he defeated 2x (0:51, 5-0)
- This is a very even competition.
- Kolodzik was runner-up at the Ironman while Bavery didn't place.
- Kolodzik beat Keller 14-0 while Kelly beat him 5-4.
- Kolodzik had the biggest signature win.

113 pounds: Nathan Tomasello - Junior - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy [DII]

- DI Thompson, DII Tomasello, DIII Gross
- No head-to-head results
- Thompson's signature win was against Assad (3-1 OT) at State
- Thompson had no in-state losses (2 out-of-state)
- Tomasello's signature win was against McKenna (3-2) at the Ironman
- Tomasello had no losses, period.
- Gross' signature win was against Durbin (3-1) in the DIII title bout
- Gross' only loss was wrestling up a weight class
- Tomasello has been tested time and again against the nation's elite and is ranked #1 for a reason.

120 pounds: George DiCamillo - Senior - Saint Ignatius High School [DI]

- DI DiCamillo, DII R.Taylor, DIII Mansfield
- DiCamillo beat Taylor 11-4 head-to-head at the Ironman
- DiCamillo was undefeated
- Mansfield was undefeated
- DiCamillo's big wins came over Taylor, Byrd, Campbell, McClay and Moore
- Mansfield's big wins came over Reese, Laney and Steiner
- DiCamillo's big wins were bigger and more numerous.
- DiCamillo has been at the elite level for three years

126 pounds: Dean Heil - Junior - Saint Edward High School [DI]

- DI Heil, DII M.Jordan, DIII McLaughlin
- No head-to-head results
- Heil won the Ironman while Jordan didn't place
- Heil had no in-state losses (1 overall)
- McLaughlin had six in-state losses (7 overall)
- Heil's Ironman performance was absolutely awesome

132 pounds: Joey Ward - Senior - Archbishop Henry K. Moeller High School [DI]

- DI Ward, DII Fickel, DIII Danishek
- Ward was 2-0 head-to-head against Fickel (6-4, 8-2)
- Ward's only in-state loss was to Bright (3-1) which he avenged (2-1 OT) to win the title
- Danishek had three in-state losses (Boswell, Conine, Meeks)
- Ward's big wins were over Fickel, Squire and Bright
- Danishek's big wins were over Border, Spangler and McLaughlin
- Ward beat Conine 15-1 while Danishek split with him (L 8-2, W 3-0)

138 pounds: Nate Skonieczny - Senior - Walsh Jesuit High School [DII]

- DI Newhouse, DII Skonieczny, DIII Kern
- Skonieczny was 2-0 head-to-head against Newhouse (4-2, 7-3)
- Skonieczny was undefeated through a tough schedule
- Kern's only loss was to Newton (9-6)
- Kern's big wins were over Nelson, Amenta, Niner and Baker
- Skonieczny's big wins were over Newhouse, Amenta and Dobben
- Skoniecnzy won the Ironman
- Skonieczny beat Amenta 13-2 while Kern beat him 9-8

145 pounds: Anthony Collica - Junior - Solon High School [DI]

- DI Collica, DII Faust, DIII Marshall
- No head-to-head results
- Collica's three losses were all out-of-state
- Faust had three in-state losses but they were to Kastl and Z.Dailey
- Marshall went undefeated
- Collica's big wins were over Scheidel and Zeman
- Faust's big wins were over Kastl, Fox, McGhee and placing fourth at the Ironman
- Marshall's big wins were over Fahrer and Music
- Faust had the big win over Kastl, which is the biggest win of all
- This is a very tough decision

152 pounds: Bo Jordan - Junior - Graham High School [DII]

- DI Z.Dailey, DII B.Jordan, DIII Cowell
- B.Jordan beat Z.Dailey head-to-head (2-0) at Top Gun
- B.Jordan won the Ironman while Z.Dailey placed third
- B.Jordan went undefeated
- Cowell's only two losses were to Burns, who B.Jordan defeated to win the state title
- B.Jordan is the right pick here

160 pounds: Isaac Jordan - Senior - Graham High School [DII]

- DI Daniels, DII I.Jordan, DIII Z.Beam
- No head-to-head results
- Daniels' only loss was to ?
- I.Jordan went undeated on the brutal Graham schedule
- Z.Beam's only loss was to Mancuso (9-5)
- Daniels' biggest wins were over Mays, Hardtke, Yonker and McMahon
- I.Jordan's biggest wins were over Speiller, Epperly, Metz and Boyce
- Z.Beam's biggest wins were over Yonker, Shapiro and Brooke(s?)
- I.Jordan won the Ironman
- I.Jordan was the only one of the three who went undefeated

170 pounds: Mark Martin - Senior - Saint Edward High School [DI]

- DI Martin, DII Moore, DIII Mays
- No head-to-head results
- Martin had one overtime loss out-of-state and I'm not seeing the other one
- Moore had four losses -- two to O'Neill, who he beat for the title
- Mays had seven losses and his biggest non-D3 win was over Halsey
- Martin won the Ironman
- Martin had a brutal schedule

182 pounds: Chaz Gresham - Senior - Goshen High School [DII]

- DI Abounader, DII Gresham, DIII Toal
- No head-to-head results
- Abounader's only loss was to Evans
- Toal's only loss was to Evans
- Gresham had no losses and beat Evans to win the state title

195 pounds: JoJo Tayse - Junior - Perry High School (near Massillon) [DI]

- DI Tayse, DII Lehner, DIII Linton
- Tayse defeated Lehner head-to-head (5-3) for the title at Medina
- Tayse's only losses were to Suvak, who he beat to win the state title
- Linton's three losses were up a weight class at the Ironman
- Tayse's biggest wins were over Suvak, Lehner and Rosborough, Keenan and Schoen
- Linton's big wins were over Ishmael and Barrett
- Tayse had bigger wins and a tougher schedule

220 pounds: Matt Meadows - Senior - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy [DII]

- DI Walz, DII Meadows, DIII Miller
- Meadows beat Walz head-to-head (7-5 OT) at the Ironman
- Meadows placed third at the Ironman while Walz placed fifth
- Meadows' only loss was out-of-state (to Ironman champ Snyder)
- Miller went undefeated but didn't wrestle anything close to Meadows' schedule
- Meadows' biggest wins were over Walz, Frueauf, Linton, Krall, Stone, etc.
- Miller doesn't seem to have anything other than pins and techs until the state semis
- Miller's first match against a prior state placer was in the state semis
- Miller's biggest wins were over an injured K.Smith and Bellamy
- Meadows has to win this one due to bigger wins. Miller was largely untested.

285 pounds: Nick Tavanello - Senior - Wadsworth High School [DI]

- DI Tavanello, DII Shaw, DIII Lytle
- No head-to-head results
- This will be the toughest comparison of them all
- Tavanello had one out-of-state loss and no in-state losses
- Lytle's only loss was to Kuhar (who didn't face the other two) at the Ironman
- Shaw went undefeated
- Tavanello had the toughest schedule, then Lytle (see Ironman), then way back is Shaw
- Tavanello's biggest win was against Gray (twice) plus a handful of decisions (Fleming, Everett)
- Lytle's biggest win was against Gray plus Majoy (twice again)
- Shaw was the most dominant, having only one non-pin or -tech the entire year
- Shaw didn't face a returning state placer all year
- Shaw faced only one 2012 state placer before the state tournament (and he placed 8th)
- This really is the toughest comparison of them all
- Tavanello has been at the top for so long and he's had the toughest schedule every year