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Discussion Topic: #21
Ryan Mitchell added to this discussion on March 30, 2017

The answer to this is simple as can be. Stop paying them. Stop going to games, watching on TV, listening on radio, buying merchandise.
If EVERYONE said, "No, I won't pay hundreds of dollars for tickets, or $50 for a nose-bleed seat, or $150 for a jersey, or THOUSANDS of dollars for PSL's or an extra $30/month for the cable sports tier and also, no, I won't vote for ANY public funding of stadiums (and will vote out any politician who supports that ridiculousness)." all of a sudden, the whole thing collapses and you can hit the reset button.
All of this said, and even though if this were on a nation-wide ballot it would pass in a landslide... Good luck with getting everyone on board as a free market.

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Discussion Topic: #21
Mark Cummings added to this discussion on March 31, 2017

I'm happy for Coach Ryan that he is well compensated for the great job he is doing for the wrestling program. Yes, most public service employees, especially teachers, are underpaid for the service they provide to the public but not sure there is a way to fix that. My family always tries to recognize the good work of my children's teachers by giving them gifts throughout the year. That's small potatoes but it's a way I personally recognize good teachers.

Most large cities are held hostage by pro sports teams when it comes to new facilities and the funding thereof. It's my belief that university sports programs are different in that they are funded from within through donations from boosters, ticket and merchandise sales, and fees paid by the general student body. If tOSU needed a new stadium for whatever reason they wouldn't go before the Cbus city council and whine about how poor they are and how much of an economic impact they make to the city and so forth. A pro sports team does exactly that crying act. And cities are stupid enough to fall for it. Every time. My attitude toward the criers has always been "don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya".

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