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Discussion Topic: Lag Time Topic: Who should be on the Buckeye's recruit list?
Matt Mace added to this discussion on October 4, 2017

Play Anthony Ralph for a minute and let us know who you would be watching and recruiting in the future. We all know David Carr and Sammy Sasso are being recruited. If we land even one of them we shore up our lineup for a few years, assuming guys wrestle to expectations and projected weights. I know that is a HUGE assumption. Where do you think we should be overlapping recruits and who would you be recruiting/watching to fill in future holes in the lineup?

My thoughts:
125-As long as Heiselman is as good as I think he is, (great test against McHenry this weekend) he should make a career at 125 and shore up that weight until 2023, so any replacement would be a 8th or 9th grader and it's simply too early to project them at 125.
133/141-Pletch should be good at 133 for the next 2 years and may need to jump to 141 his Sr year. I hope Jordan Decatur can make 133 his freshman year then he may need to move up to 141 and I'd like to go after Julian Tagg for 133/141.
149/157/165-if we can land Sasso and/or Carr we have an embarrassment of riches to add to Mattox and Rocky Jordan through 2023. Beyond that super freshman Carson Manville has shown that he is good enough to be going after even as a 9th grader, but I can't imagine PSU not getting him if they want him.
174-Near future looks great with Romero and maybe Rocky would go here after Kaleb graduates. I would be watching HS sophomore and Ohioan Nevan Snodgrass to possibly fill in after that.
184-Myles and Ethan Smith/Zach Steiner make me feel good here until 2023
197-Again, looking good with Kollin and Gavin Hoffman.
285-We assume Singletary is the future here until 2023. I'd definitely be going after HS sophomore, Braxton Amos too.

So my focus would be on the committs we already have and 10th graders:Julian Tagg, Nevan Snodgrass, Braxton Amos
9th grader:Carson Manville

Really like to hear your opinion Bob P.

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