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Discussion Topic: Super 32
Hank Kornblut added to this discussion on November 2, 2017

For those of you with Flo subscriptions, spend a few minutes watching Farouq Muhammed's matches at 152. Farouq was state 6th as a frosh but failed to qualify last year while trying to come back from a brutal knee injury. He subsequently moved from Shaker to Elyria (long story).

Almost every match at S32, he hit at least one amazing big move to break open a tight match. His greco skills are considerable and he used them repeatedly in spite of his opponents trying to avoid them. If you like smooth throws, he's your guy. Credit to his long time coach, Will Knight, who taught him well when it comes to the art of the Big Move.

If Erik Burnett can improve his leg attack defense and get him hitting those Elyria tilts, Muhammed will be one of the few guys who could potentially give a real tough match to Brady and Mattox at 152.

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